Рartnership and coordinated interaction

The company's mission - to create competitive advantage for the customer. 

Prospection - to become the best partner in systems integration services and system outsourcing.

Value for the customer:

  • Multi-vendor turnkey solutions
  • "Single window" management of service partners, "seamless" integration
  • Responsibility for the final result and controllability

LLC "EnSi group" - is an association of specialized service organizations,  working in different areas of information technology support: automation and metrology, software systems, support and maintenance of software, hardware and workplaces.

Партнер ГК "ЭнСи". Технологические продукты, инфраструктурные решения, услуги
Business applications and IT. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
Information technologies: systems, devices, services. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult", LLC "Line Retail"
Software and hardware support, IT-service and consulting. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
Software and hardware systems. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
Supply of equipment, automation solutions. Partner LLC "Infrastructure TK"
Automation of technological processes and service. Partner LLC "Infrastructure TK"
Supply of equipment, automation solutions. Partner LLC "Infrastructure TK"
Complex service and technology products provider. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
Measuring equipment, solutions for process automation. Partner LLC "Infrastructure TK"
Development, distribution and support of computer programs.  Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
Development of OCR and linguistics solutions. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
HR management systems. Partner LLC "EAE-Consult"
Engineering solutions. Manufacture and supply of equipment. Partner LLC "Infrastructure TK"
Retail solutions. Partner LLC "Line Retail"
Retail solutions. Partner LLC "Line Retail"
Payment systems. Partner LLC "Line Retail"
Equipment for petrol stations and petroleum depots. Partner LLC "Line Retail"
Industrial automation hardware. Partner LLC "Line Retail"